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She would always take Erin and her brother to art museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art.

She also cited American photographer Cindy Sherman as an inspiration.She attends the Bronx High School of Science and is interested in pursuing a career in biomedical engineering.She considers photography to be a hobby but says that science and art are interrelated.“I was writing about the simplicity of the moment, how the sunrise was there and it was just beautiful,” she said.“It kind of made me forget myself for the moment.” Keblish, one of two children, was born and raised in Whitestone by her parents.“If you expose children to these things at an early age, then they become comfortable with them,” Tara Keblish said.By submitting this comment, you agree to the following terms: You agree that you, and not Times or its affiliates, are fully responsible for the content that you post.“She (Asch) would help me look at the lines, how it’s composed,” she said.“She helped me figure out how to compose a photograph instead of being in the right place at the right time.” Her mother, Tara Keblish, 52, who works at Nassau County Museum of Art, is an artist herself, in the areas of drawing, painting and watercolor.With the excited racers gasping and cheering, Phil explained that if a team won the first leg and the last leg of the Race, they would double their money and win million.Phil warned the teams that the Race would literally start the moment they stepped off the starting line because between them and their first clue was a 10-story rappel off the bridge to their backpacks below.

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