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It might be a very good fresh summer scent to grab when I can't think of what else to wear but there are other things I would rather spend my money on first.

I first bought Eau d'Issey as an after shave emulsion.

The Indian Reviewer This smells like the scent that comes from the little space between the blazer and shirt when the blazer moves or when it is removed. Like cleanliness emanating from sweaty hairy underarms. I didn’t know all those corporate slaves were wearing Japenese grapefruit! This is one of the best fragrance, relaxing and calming. I'm not feeling so much citrus but floral so strong, I feeling lotus note in it that cool and lift my heart.

L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme was created as a universal Eau de Toilette perfect for any occasion.I don’t like the scent of the lily of the valley, and in this compostion a bit strong for me, but not unpleasent.1.5 hours later the perfume „calm down”, and become a very solid skiclose scent.This is a true is a cologne that is purely springtime cold is a benchmark is clean fresh and crisp this particular fragrance would go excellent with a cotten linen crepe suit...It lasts a long time on me 7-8 hours- I love the scent so refreshing.If you think you know what this repulsive smell is, please hit me with a private message. I have found that it layers well with Hannae Morae's HM Eau de Parfum.The two orientals were created at about the same point in time and the bottle presentations are similar, though one has a light box and the other a dark one.The yuzu and mandarin orange lend it a fun subdued astringent property.To get around its somewhat dated feel as a fragrance, I have paired it with a simple tea fragrance for a surprising result where the woods and spices gains in depth and mystery.The sweet and tart woodiness of HM overcomes the hint of metallic bitterness that I do not like so much in the fall allowing the spices and citrus notes to be creamy and warm. Basically I don’t prefer the citrusy scents (most of them is boring) but this one is so good.The openig is wonderful, the blast of citruses (specially the yuzu) and the hint of coriander and lemon verbena are awsome.

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