Updating server extensions dating a man ten years older than me

Of course, your backups are on standby to restore in an instant if anything unexpected occurs. From here, figure out what tools and strategies work best for you and your team or developer(s), and put a good testing process in place.If you put the time upfront into testing updates, you save yourself both headache and money in the end. To get updates on anything purchased from Woo Commerce.com, go to Woo Commerce Woo Subscriptions and ensure that your store is connected to your Woo account. Connecting your Woo account to your Woo Commerce site/store allows you to: For example: In the Plugin and Tested up to Woo Commerce version columns, respectively, it shows that Woo Commerce Give Products is known to be compatible up to Woo Commerce 2.6.But how do you update Woo Commerce without causing issues?We’ll cover a few of the common ways below, but first…Updates to Woo Commerce, Storefront, Word Press, and your extensions and payment gateways are a fact of life.Our team of developers are hard at work releasing updates that add new features, fix issues, tighten security and, in general, make your store better than ever.While working on a local install we highly recommend you start using version control if you aren’t.Whether that is Git, SVN, or something else it comes in handy in case you need to revert back to something that works, and can even make it easier to deploy a site to staging and production.

A staging site can also be shared with others for their help testing.We provide expert priority support for Woo and Jetpack customers but not other third-party plugins.Joomla provide the ability to add an update server allowing users to install an extension update when release at the click of a button.Instead I used a component that simply allows the user to purchase the extension and that's it.So my question is, is there a built-in method that I'm unaware of that allows an update server for commercial extensions?This is of course great for free extensions, however for commercial extensions, one would run into a problem where someone could simply get the download URL from the update XML file and publish it, so this is a no go.What I did have in mind, was doing something along the same lines, but it would simply notify the user that there is an update and they would have to go to the developer website and manually download it, however I didn't use any subscription extensions, thus there are no special permissions to get access to these commercial extensions.Just fair warning, this can sound technical and complex but don’t let it get to you! Some may use other terms like a dev environment, testing environment, and live environments, but we’ll stick to the basic three: Keep in mind this is a simplistic overview, and there are many tools and ways to do this.Working with a developer who is trained to handle these tasks for you is also an option. There aren’t absolutes in how you test updates, just as long as you do not test them on a live site.If you have a developer working on your site, ask them about their process for testing updates. Meaning Word Press is set up on their computer and it acts as a server.Using a preferred code editor, one can then build, update, and test updates on their own computer.

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