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We can’t say why the originals were replaced, and the guitar’s owner was unaware of the alteration, and the pickup covers are original to the guitar.

All the other electrical components are original and untouched.

Near mint, completely original, and perfectly playable thanks to unworn frets and a loving set-up by our shop.

With its hollowbody construction, three pickups, 4-way switching, and individual volume and tone controls, the guitar has more than a few signature sounds.

His guitars are continually the finest we encounter, both in craftsmanship and tone, and we are especially honored to present his latest Archtop for sale here at Folkway. This 16” cut-away beauty is carved from highly figured Hawaiian Koa and master-grade Sitka spruce.

With original brown Tolex hardshell case (first year issue) World class luthier Oskar Graf has been building string instruments one at a time for the last 40 years.So much of the beauty of this guitar is in the details of Graf’s masterwork – the bevel to the F-holes edges, the shape of the cut away, the carve of the bridge and the brass string ground inlayed into the tailpiece.Every minute aspect of this guitar’s design has been carefully planned and executed by one of the finest craftsmen of our time.The thick rosewood darkens the overall tone of the strat, and as a result these instruments are especially prized by players.This guitar is in excellent condition and is nearly 100% original.It has been set-up in our shop and plays effortlessly with .011’s, and its ’58 neck carve feels just right.Chances are good that you’ll like the way it sounds, too – you can’t really go too wrong with PAFs, in an all-original 175.Simple but tastefully appointed with mitered multiple purflings, multi-layered headstock overlays, brass-purfled headstock face, gold Schaller tuners, and pearl Graf logo.25.2” scale, round C neck carve with a 1-3/4” bone nut.If you’re looking for a 175D with humbuckers, this is likely the one by which the others will be measured. Body date of 12/59; Potentiometer codes of 3085948 (48th week of 1959).No neck dating, indicative of Fender necks dating from 1959.

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