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EXE,14.0.6025.1000, Classic,,,ncacn_ip_tcp,, Owner Logon,0,.0468822,"Logon: Owner, /o=E2010/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=userded in database mdb1 last mounted on 5/6/2012 PM, currently Mounted; Logon Id: 5", In the event the RPC Client Access Server array in the AD site where the mailbox database with the lowest activation preference value resides becomes inaccessible to the users, Outlook clients would be unable to connect to their mailbox that resides in the opposing datacenter.

If you review the RPC Client Access logs on the source RPC Client Access Server array you will see: 2012-05-06T.001Z,67,112,/o=E2010/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SFPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=userded,, OUTLOOK.You can toggle this Boolean property to your heart’s content, sadly it will not affect any behavioral change in the product (I know…that’s why I think this image is oddly relevant): But I digress. With Exchange 2010, a major change was instituted in the way clients connect and access mailbox related data.Unlike previous versions, clients no longer connect directly to the Information Store on the Mailbox server role to access mailbox data.Instead, clients connect to a set of services on the Client Access server (CAS) role and services within the CAS role access mailbox data using MAPI/RPC from the Mailbox server on behalf of the connecting user. Basically, one simple change was made such that all mailbox-related MAPI connectivity goes through the RPC Client Access service on the Client Access server role.To facilitate this abstraction layer, changes were made such that the database objects are no longer child objects of Mailbox servers.The Outlook profile’s RPC endpoint is the RPC Client Access Server array (or a specific CAS if for some reason you did not create an array, which you should have done, and if you don’t know why I will say again, read Brian’s posts).Whenever a failure occurs within the DAG (database failure, server failure, etc.), the RPC endpoint does not change, thus Outlook continues to connect to the same RPC Client Access Server array.Your Joomla 1.5 pages will load from the cache until it expires.When the cache is reloaded you will see the changes. There are two ways to disable caching in Joomla: 1.Changes in your income may affect your eligibility or rental payments, but not your ranking.Changes of income will be processed at the time of the eligibility interview.

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