Is kim kardashian dating reggie bush again dating a truck driver

Kim replied: 'We watch Family Feud every night to fall asleep together.' Jennifer couldn't let Kim leave the show empty handed, so she made sure to give her two hand-drawn pictures she made for her.The first photo she gave the curvy-star was of the Kardashian's annual holiday card and Jennifer mentioned that she drew herself in to be a part of the family.

'Kim seemed to be caught off guard, while giving an awkward chuckle, but clarified: 'Me and Khloe are vibing right now.'The reality star was also asked by Jennifer if she and husband Kanye considered her to be a surrogate.It looks like Kim's next step in her feud with the musical power couple is to do ... also reports that Kim's surrogate is pregnant with Kim and Kanye's twins, but we absolutely cannot confirm that -- though, if true, that is tremendously exciting) Apparently, Kim Kardashian has been unhappy watching Beyonce enjoy the spotlight with her twins. By putting children and their entire life on television.The claim is that Kim Kardashian is in talks with multiple networks to create a series titled: There are allegedly multiple reasons behind this: First of all, Kim and Kanye have reportedly been having problems and there's a hope that the "project" of creating a show as a family could bring them all together.Kim cut into the Oscar-winner's story and added: 'She kept wanting Kanye to style her.'The reality star also made it really clear that she wasn't drunk at the dinner, because she doesn't enjoy drinking that much.Jennifer also asked Kim what normal things her and Kanye do at home.A video was shown on the screen behind the two women, of J-Law and Kris Jenner doing the can-can in front of the famous Kardashian stairwell.The Hunger Games star also admitted to being so drunk she ended up in Kris Jenner's closet naked.Jennifer before the interview had a fan girl moment while introducing Kim.She told the audience: 'I have been obsessed with our guest and her family for over a decade..a very healthy way.'Kim stepped out on stage and joined J-Law on camera as the two shared a friendly hug.Kim's sandals are by Merah Vodianova and are up for grabs for pre-order now (click right).Kim's gorgeous heels are universally appealing. They're a classic, versatile style that promise to be a hard-working member of your shoe collection.

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