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"It's simply not an appealing fetish to most men unless they have already developed an obsession for a dominatrix," she says.

Cultivating this obsession is where Yevgeniya's sex work strategy consulting comes in.

If "sex work strategy consulting" sounds new, that's because it is.

Yevgeniya claims to be the first woman doing it, though it's clear the need for more accessible information regarding sex work has been present for a long time."I think people genuinely want to learn," Yevgeniya says.

"I'd test him out by asking for a certain amount," Yevgeniya, who prefers to use only a first name, explains.

After the internship came a job at WBAI, a non-commercial radio station based out of Manhattan."You essentially have a blank check." These transactions can happen in person – at "cashpoint meets," where the findomme and paypig meet each other at an agreed-upon ATM – or online.Most findommes prefer the latter, using cams and chats to communicate with their clients.Every morning, Yevgeniya would commute from New Jersey and give her growing resume to anyone who would take it.She soon landed a job at BBC America, but paying every day to commute quickly began to outweigh the benefits of working in Manhattan."I kinda went backwards," Yevgeniya says, recalling her entry into the industry."Usually, women who go into sex work do so a little at a time.To offset her spending, Yevgeniya would chat with men on cam sites.Yet it wasn't the first time she'd tried out sex work.Yevgeniya's unconventional career choice is the result of a thoroughly unconventional life: prior to going full-time as a findomme, she worked at both BBC America and CBS.Now she splits her days between financial domination and her new endeavor: advising other sex workers about the industry and how to grow their business.

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