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"Then we exchanged phone numbers and called each other every day? "But she would always interject her feelings when she felt they needed to be heard."In 2006, Janine made the commitment to move to Alabama to be near Dan.

The pair then looked for a ranch to buy and were married in September of that year."We wanted a simple wedding, so we chose up in the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee?

"The day he came, he showed up at my door early, and my hair was still in curlers.She'd earlier tried without much success, but over the next few years, she met many interesting people on the equestrian site, some whom she dated and some who were just friends.Then, in 2010, the need to sell her Quarter Horse gelding Commando (because of the economy) prompted her to put out the word through the Web site. Do they enable horse people to find real love-with a soulmate who shares their enthusiasm for country living and all things equine?She helped us locate five couples willing to tell us how they went about finding their horsey sig-o through cyber dating."I told her that my new civilian job as a senior network engineer required a lot of travel, so spending time together was going to be tough," he recalls. I thought we had a lot in common, and I loved being with him no matter what we were doing."The couple shared an interest in horses and motorcycles."But she understood and gave everything she had to make it work."In the beginning their correspondence was entirely through the site. "We're opposites in that I'm loud and opinionated and she's quiet," observes Dan.Janine Smith, meanwhile, joined the site in 2004 and, within a few months, the Atlanta, Georgia, tax manager began corresponding with Dan.Both were cautious at first."You have to ask a lot of questions before you actually meet someone in person," observes Janine. It's not much different, actually, from any other method of finding someone to date."Dan warned her at the outset that the relationship might take some work.I told him I wasn't ready, so he went out for breakfast. all dressed up in Western clothes and a cowboy hat and with two-dozen red roses in his hand.The chemistry was there, and it really was love at first sight."They went to see the horse, and wound up driving to the Oregon Coast, "singing crazy songs we both knew by heart, eating great food?

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