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HIM clients are highly successful and discerning single, divorced or widowed gentlemen of all ages, from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities, who are commitment oriented, and wish to meet their special partner.

Based in Switzerland and globally connected, Trea speaks fluent English, French, German and Dutch and caters to an accomplished, international clientele ranging from business leaders to public figures.Trea manages the exclusive HIM elite matchmaking service for discerning, affluent and relationship oriented single, divorced or widowed gentlemen. Tijmens is a top European matchmaker and dating expert based in Switzerland and globally connected and with a wealth of experience in matching highly successful people internationally. Tijmens takes finding your ideal partner seriously and will personally take care of you and provide support, advice and guidance where needed throughout the process.She understands that HIM elite matchmaking clients are busy, leading demanding and complex lives.To make your dating process , HIM provides a full concierge service to handle all of the logistical details such as making your travel arrangements and coordinating your first dates.The High Impact Matchmaking service is managed by Trea Tijmens, one of Europe's top matchmakers and award winning dating expert based in Switzerland, globally connected and with a wealth of experience in matching highly successful people worldwide.The gentleman was in his late 50s, was the CEO of a well-known company with an international lifestyle and he had lost his wife t...Whether you are based in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona, no matter where in the world you are.Trea is a woman who cares and she takes finding your ideal partner seriously.She understands the importance of all the different aspects you are looking for in your partner – values, background, attractiveness, intelligence, personality and lifestyle – she interviews and screens all your introductions based on these.Find HER with HIM International Matchmaking Services.Contact HIM international matchmaking agency and find future happiness.

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