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Are they perhaps putting out the stop signs on this in the event the truth be exposed?

Testing each and every Marine is the Corps responsibility. Why wait for scientists when Marines are getting cancer now and dying now!

They subsequently asked me if I would do a genetic test to see if I had a mutant gene.

I do, and I have a son which is the main reason I took the test so he could at least get tested if he wanted to know.

The contaminated water also caused neurobehavioral effects.

Central nervous system depression, attention deficits, deficits in visual discrimination, altered visual evoked potentials, along with cancer and all the other damage it does to organs. I personally haven't been able to be tested for cancer(s), but, I have been plagued with metal health type issues since I was a child.

Each case is always decided on the individual merits and the former service member would need to show he was at the contamination site, current medical evidence of a disability, and an opinion by a medical Doctor that his disability was as likely as not caused by the contamination. I was lucky it had not gotten into my lymph nodes and I did not have to have radiation or chemo or subsequent treatment.

I was exposed from the ages of 3 months till about 4 years old. Right now I'm 28 years old and looking for people like me and around my age group. This is a non-invasive and IF they will follow the program can be cured within 2-4 months.As I recall he had a very debilitating neurological disease.I did extensive research on his case and obtained medical opinion that his disability was as likely as not caused by the contaminated water.Experts reported the tap water highly contaminated as early as 19.But it took until late 1984 for the Corps to begin testing all the wells and shutting down the contaminated ones.Wonder if there is any relationship of mutant genes to the other men from Le Juene who had cancer. Hi – I have been watching the Marine water contamination with great interest.My son was a Marine at the base during the years that are in question.But scientists and researchers now cannot seem to figure out whether there is a conclusive link between illnesses and the contamination.The Corps says it is cooperating with scientists to try to research if there is a link.A large question remains - will there ever be a day when scientists will have conclusive evidence to prove there is a link between the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, and the Marines who say that contamination caused their cancers and other illnesses? Records show there was water contamination at the base for decades.The Corps admits this contamination was serious – toxic chemicals, which are classified as probable carcinogens, meaning they are believed to cause cancer in humans.

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