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Reply to Gary Stokes Gary, it is coming back to me now, Sam Pederson was married to Jennie Handland’s sister, who must have died young and left four or five children. My dad said Eva was working on Edwin’s attitude, so she said “EDWAA, Be a good boy or you won’t be able to go see Uncle Pete.” Another one was that Pete told my dad that he exactly the same name as a very famous baseball player. Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and wonderful family memories of Christmas 2009.

He said, “My name is Pete Mosho and his name is Joe Dimosho.” For those who don’t understand French very well, the ball player was Joe Di Maggio!! Gary Metcalfe Gary and Friends, There is a cute movie that usually plays every Christmas Day.

That was the worst feeling I had ever had up until that time.

Everything went from bad to worse and none of the people involved did anything they shouldn’t have done, given the circumstances.

First of all “Merry Christmas”I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Holiday. She was a homemaker until 1992 when they moved back to Dunseith. She most recently worked at the Log House in Dunseith.

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My BB gun story is not as good when it gets to the ending.

He cocked it and aimed it and just before he pulled the trigger, I noticed he had the lever down. He did what any 5 year old would do, ran to Grandma screaming about his finger.

She did what any grandma would do, asking what happened? She did what most grandmas would do and assumed he had been shot. I have many memories of Lee and of Erman Striker, whom are barely visible on this picture.

My grandparents lived upstairs in our house in Dunseith and sometimes Grandma would keep an eye on my cousins and me.

One day this was the case and my cousin Doug Warcup and I were out in the yard playing with my prize BB gun when he asked if he could shoot it? The lever slammed shut on his fingers when the gun fired and put a small cut on his finger.

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